A & J Def Tek Consultants

Since it’s forming in 1993, A&J Def Tek Consultants is bridging the Academic and Research & Development sectors in Pakistan with renowned content providers from all over the world. Distribution of scholarly and research-based information through electronic delivery is what defines A&J Def Tek Consultants both in the government and private entities in the country. The vast client-base includes universities, research institutions, and defense related organizations that are immersed in serving the nation through relentless pursuit in achieving excellence in their respective spectrum.

A&J Def Tek Consultants ensures that contents it helps provide its clients is reliable, latest, and offers highest value on the return. The dedicated and committed team which works tirelessly in evaluating the contents ensures that the end-user can be assured of industry-proven and peer-reviewed contents right from the word go. Whether it’s the rich diversity in the disciplines at a university level or the sharp focus on specific standards in aviation industry A&J Def Tek Consultants provides the right tools for either end of the spectrum.

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