Ovid is a platform developed by the global information services company Wolters Kluwer. It serves as a comprehensive resource for accessing academic literature, particularly in the fields of medicine, healthcare, nursing, and related disciplines. Ovid provides access to a vast collection of journals, textbooks, databases, and other scholarly resources.

Ovid covers a wide range of fields and subjects, including but not limited to:

Medicine and Healthcare

Ovid is specifically renowned for its coverage of medical and healthcare literature. It provides access to journals, textbooks, and databases in areas such as clinical medicine, nursing, pharmacology, public health, allied health, and more. Researchers and healthcare professionals often rely on Ovid to access the latest research, clinical guidelines, and evidence-based information.

Psychology and Behavioural Sciences

Ovid includes a significant collection of resources in the field of psychology and behavioural sciences. It covers topics like cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, counselling, and psychotherapy. Researchers and psychologists can access journals, books, and psychological assessment tools through the platform.

Life Sciences

Ovid offers a range of resources in the life sciences domain. This includes biology, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, and neuroscience. Researchers and students can access journals, textbooks, and databases that cover various aspects of life sciences.

Social Sciences

Ovid provides access to social sciences literature, including disciplines like sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, and education. Researchers in these fields can find scholarly articles, books, and resources for their studies and research.

Engineering and Technology

Ovid also includes resources related to engineering and technology fields. This covers disciplines such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, and more. Researchers and engineers can find relevant articles, conference proceedings, and reference materials on Ovid.

Environmental Sciences

Ovid offers resources related to environmental sciences and sustainability. This includes topics like environmental studies, ecology, environmental policy, and environmental health. Researchers and policymakers can access journals and books to stay updated on environmental research and trends.

Business and Management

Ovid provides access to scholarly literature in the field of business and management. This includes areas like marketing, finance, human resources, organisational behaviour, and entrepreneurship. Researchers and business professionals can find articles, case studies, and industry reports through Ovid.

Ovid covers many more fields and subjects. It is important to note that the availability of specific journals, books, or databases may vary based on institutional subscriptions and access rights.

Here’s how Wolters Kluwer Ovid is important and how it helps in the medical field:

1. Access to Medical Literature

Ovid provides healthcare professionals, researchers, and students with access to a wide range of medical literature, including peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, and clinical guidelines. This access is crucial for staying up-to-date with the latest research, medical advancements, and evidence-based practices in various medical specialties.

2. Evidence-Based Medicine

Wolters Kluwer Ovid helps in promoting evidence-based medicine by offering access to high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles and clinical studies. Healthcare professionals can rely on Ovid to find relevant evidence to support clinical decision-making, diagnosis, treatment, and patient care

3. Clinical Decision Support

Ovid offers clinical decision support tools and resources that aid healthcare professionals in making informed decisions at the point of care. This includes access to medical reference books, drug information databases, diagnostic tools, and medical calculators, which can help clinicians find answers to clinical questions quickly and efficiently.

4. Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Ovid provides access to continuing medical education materials, allowing healthcare professionals to fulfill their ongoing educational requirements and stay abreast of developments in their respective fields. This includes access to CME courses, journal articles, and other educational resources.

5. Research and Publication

For medical researchers, Wolters Kluwer Ovid serves as a valuable resource for conducting literature reviews, accessing research articles, and disseminating research findings. The platform facilitates access to a vast repository of medical literature, helping researchers stay informed about the latest research trends and findings in their areas of interest.

6. Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Ovid fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among healthcare professionals, researchers, and students by providing access to a shared platform for accessing and discussing medical literature. This helps in promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices within the medical community.

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