CAS, or the Chemical Abstracts Service, is a division of the American Chemical Society (ACS) that provides comprehensive chemical information and services to researchers, scientists, educators, and other professionals in the field of chemistry and related disciplines. Founded in 1907, CAS has become a globally recognized authority in chemical information, serving the needs of the scientific community for over a century.

Significance in Academics:

1. Research Support

CAS provides researchers with access to a vast repository of chemical information, enabling them to explore scientific literature, discover new compounds, investigate chemical reactions, and advance knowledge in their respective fields.

2. Education and Training

CAS resources such as SciFinder and STN International are valuable tools for students and educators in academia. They facilitate literature reviews, laboratory experimentation, chemical information retrieval, and teaching of chemical concepts.

3. Intellectual Property Management

CAS Registry Numbers and access to patent databases through CAS services are essential for academic researchers and institutions involved in intellectual property management, patent searches, technology transfer, and innovation.

4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration

CAS serves as a bridge between different disciplines within chemistry and between chemistry and other scientific fields. Its comprehensive databases and search tools facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and the integration of chemical information into broader scientific research and applications.

In summary, CAS plays a crucial role in academia by providing researchers, students, and educators with access to comprehensive chemical information, tools, and services. Its resources support scientific discovery, education, intellectual property management, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the advancement of knowledge in chemistry and related disciplines.

What CAS provides:

CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform

Accelerate game-changing discoveries with best-in-class solutions that simplify how you find and connect critical information, such as scientific data, methods, formulations, and more—human-curated for quality and completeness. Increase efficiency across the full spectrum of R&D activities by subscribing to the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform, which incorporates the following solutions:

STN IP Protection

Protect your intellectual property, explore the competitive landscape, and uncover new opportunities with innovative IP solutions from CAS. STN IP Protection Suite consists of following solutions:

CAS Custom

Partner directly with expert scientists at CAS to design custom solutions by leveraging our content, technology, and expertise in new ways to drive innovation and solve unique R&D and business challenges with the help of:

Other CAS

CAS makes the latest scientific data accessible to logistics and business professionals to make better regulatory and labeling decisions while tapping the potential of centuries of indexed research. Few of the services are mentioned below:

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