Since its inception in 1993, A&J Def Tek Consultants has been renowned as the market leader in Pakistan, for providing their clientele with research and development content from the world over. A&J Def Tek Consultants are pioneers in bridging the Academic and Research & Development sectors in Pakistan with prominent content providers, be it scholastic or research-based information through electronic delivery methods. Our Organisation not only assists academic institutions, such as universities and research organisations, but also provides tireless services to the various government organizations in Pakistan, be they Defence-based or research, related to economy or medicine, which are immersed in serving the nation through the relentless pursuit of achieving excellence in their respective spectrum.

A&J Def Tek Consultants ensures that contents it helps provide its clients is reliable, latest, and offers highest value on the return. The dedicated and committed team which works tirelessly in evaluating the contents ensures that the end-user can be assured of industry-proven and peer-reviewed contents right from the word go. Whether it’s the rich diversity in the disciplines at a university level or the sharp focus on specific standards in aviation industry A&J Def Tek Consultants provides the right tools for either end of the spectrum.

A&J Def Tek Consultants provides clients with research services from the luxury of their homes, offices or universities. Using advanced processes and technological tools, A&J Def Tek Consultants offers outstanding, high quality-oriented results in an astonishingly viable time duration and credible deliverables. We stand for excellence in our standards, and in providing easily workable solutions in terms of quality, privacy, integrity and compliance, as our Qualitative & Quantitative Data Collection Systems are based on innovative & advanced techniques, guaranteed to impact the outcome of the organisational structure they are applied to. Our thirst for innovation and execution, coupled with our passion to come out with valuable and exemplary results, is endless.

We have a strong and dedicated operational team, which is well-trained and fully equipped to carry out the required work according to stringent and demanding timelines. This is one of the primary requirements of any client, and it is why we have been able to come so far in such a short time.

A&J Def Tek Consultants has established its credentials through its services to both the end-user as well as publishing, by safeguarding the rights of both parties involved. This steadfast and quality-driven approach has been instrumental in achieving a winning streak for the last 25 years, and drives us to keep on pushing the envelope and reach newer heights every year.

Our Mission is to provide superior research data to our clients, and be the most trusted research partner in the region, and being celebrated and recognised for generating the highest quality of market knowledge, all in order to assist our clients in attaining the most effective research for their specific needs. We strive to become the most recognized, independent brand in the emerging market of research-based consulting. We aim to develop into a thriving team, united around the brand’s Mission, Vision, Values and Code of Honour.